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Kitchen Worktops Hull, Yorkshire, UK

Worktop cleaning and care

Worktop Care and Maintenance

How to clean, care and maintain your worktop

Worktop CareGranite varies in hardness and porosity, polished granite makes an almost perfect work surface, but take note... it can be scratched or chipped.

To clean down, just wipe with a sponge and lukewarm soapy water. Then wipe down with dry kitchen roll or clean cloth. Avoid cutting or carving with a sharp knife it may in extreme cases damage the granite, but ultimately will damage or blunt the knife. All worktops will be sealed in the factory but periodically will need doing again.

Lighter colours will need to be sealed more often. Wet or cooking areas will need to be sealed more regularly (i.e. once every six months instead of once a year.)

A Care Kit can be provided with worktops and is available at £26.00 plus VAT.

Wipe up spillages of whatever liquid off the top immediately to maintain the surfaces’ beauty. Don’t put bleach or ammonia on the surfaces “these can damage”. Hot pans can be put direct on to the surface, but be aware the coldness of the material can displace the heat in the pan causing the contents to cool more quickly.

Trivets are advised to be used if you want to keep the warmth in. Don't use any abraisive or silicone based cleaners as they can scratch and cause streaky-ness on the surface.

In conclusion the best way to maintain your solid surfaces’ beauty, is mild lukewarm soapy water to clean off, dry cloth and then buff up with Mr Sheen or Pledge in between your periodic maintenance with the care kit (if purchased).

For more information about granite and quartz work surfaces you can contact us via email, get a price for your requirements or simply telephone 07590 453250 to speak to a sales assistant.